Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Pretrov's Flu (2021) First Look Fest 2022

Visually scrumptious surreal trip through the lives of a family over a day is a film you need to see and fall into. It is most decidedly an art film but if you love the art form called cinema then you absolutely must experience this film because good bad or indifferent you will know that you have seen something.

I absolutely love that this film feels and moves like a dream. Yes everything looks normal but there is a strange dream logic to it. Near the start of the film a bus  is stopped, -- is taken off and made to be part of a firing squad of some rich looking people before he gets back n the bus and continues on his way. Other events happen that in any other film would be a throw away but here they are just part of the flow. This is a world where reality and fantasy collide with magical results.

That shouldn’t be taken to mean this is a light and airy film, it’s not. PETROV'S FLU has some really deep ideas floating around in it’s head, many of them seemingly about the state of Russia.  This is a film that makes us want to think as well as feel and we are better for it.

And you will no doubt have noticed that I have been stingy on the details and that is intentional. It’s intentional because this film is the cinematic equivalent of multicourse and very heavy meal. There is a great deal going on and I need, nay, I wany to see it again before I can truly discuss what I was watching. This is a film that is so rich in detail and material it would make even Pauline Kael, a critic who allegedly only would see a film once, eant to go back and see it multiple times.

This is one of the gems of First Look.


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