Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Anina (2013) NYICFF 2014

I am Anina Yatay Salas I am Ten years old and in deep trouble.- opening line of Anina.

Charming film about a ten year old girl who gets into a fight and has to carry a sealed envelope around with her punishment inside. She is not allowed to open it lest she be given lots of other tasks to do. As she ponders what might be in the envelope she tries to discover if the other girl opened her envelope.

Beautifully animated film is a wonderful look at a wonderful little girl with palindrome names which gets her into trouble. By the time Anina ends you'd really want to hang out with the this charming girl and her friends, or if not hang out with her, you'd really like to check in again with her in a sequel.

The film is a joy on any number of levels, from casting men to be apair of busy body old ladies, to a marvelous script with killer throw away lines (You'll have to forgive  me that crazy night with the brandy and confetti I wasn't myself), to the wicked logic and way that kids see the world that drives the film forward

This is a great children's film that needs to be seen by as wide an audience as possible.

One of the most smile producing films of this years New York Children's Film Festival.

(A huge thank you to Joe Bendel who arranged for me to see the film- Check out Joe's reports at JB SPINS)


  1. hi, i want to see this film but it isnot displayed at Turkey's cinemas. do you know any source that i can see it? i will be happy if you help me.

    1. I do not have any source. I know the film is playing at film festivals all over the world. What I'd suggest is contact one of them, try NYICFF at and see if they can put you in contact with the film's producers who might have answers for you

    2. thanks for the answer. if i have one of the copies, i want to send it to you, too.