Monday, June 14, 2021

Glob Lessons (2021) Tribeca 2021

Two young actors are thrown together and forced to travel across the American Mid-west performing two handed children’s theater productions. Along the way they begin to bond and develop a friendship through their trials by fire and the subversive way they begin to alter the productions.

This off beat road film is a quite charmer. While I didn’t click with the film right away, once the film got going I started to fall under it’s spell. Interestingly it wasn’t because of the big moments that made me warm to the film but the small asides and seeming throw way lines that felt more real than the big scripted conversations.

I really liked this film a great deal. To be certain this isn’t going to reinvent the wheel but it will entertain and frankly that is enough. Actually its more than enough especially when its coming in the middle of a big festival like Tribeca full of important films. Glob Lessons is a reminder that a small tale of two people can be more enjoyable than a big Hollywood tale.


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