Sunday, June 13, 2021

PERFUME DE GARDENIAS (2021) Tribeca 2021

You need to see this utterly charming film. This winning little film is one of the hidden treasures of this year's Tribeca.

The film follows a senior citizen named Isabel who gets involved in planning the funerals of friends and relatives. How she interacts everyone makes for a film that is just good time with great people.

PERFUME DE GARDENIAS is one of the Tribeca films that I watch because it is laying at Tribeca. Every year I watch literally dozens of films I know noting about simply because the film is playing at Tribeca. I do this because with press access I can see them without any sort of expectations. Some times it doesn't work and some times, like wit this film it gives me a small gem I can recommend.

I love this film just because the people in it are so much fun. Chief among them is Luz Maria Rondon as Isabel. She is just a giant ball of love. She reminds me of my grandmother and wen the film was over I just wanted to go up and give her a hug.

What a wonderful film.

I know that isn't the deepest review, but with a film like this its enough.

A gem. See it.

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