Friday, March 11, 2022

A Place in the Field (2022) SBIFF 2022

A PLACE IN THE FIELD is the story of a vet who receives a package in the mail. It contains a letter, some money and the ashes of a fellow soldier he long ago promised to take a road trip with. The letter asks our hero to take the ashes and the money and make the trip. Roping in another fellow soldier they set off on the trip.

This film vexes me. Extremely well done on almost every level before and behind the camera it is a wonderful trip of a movie. It’s for the most part it’s good time with good people.

The problem is that as compelling as the people on  the screen are, the script doesn’t do anything special. Basically the film hits every expected note perfectly, which would be fine, but director --- and her cast have created such special characters that you don’t want to see them just take the same journey as everyone else.

I know that sounds like I don’t like the film, that’s not the case, rather it’s that I like what is here so much that I wanted to love it.

My  quibbles aside this film is worth a look.

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