Wednesday, June 29, 2022

A DIRE STRAIT (2022) Dances With Films 2022

A Dire Strait (2022 short) - Trailer from Liang-Chun Lin on Vimeo.

A mother has to try and get around the Chinese tradition of keeping a new mother in bed for a month so she can build up her strength, fight depression and learn how to be a good mother. However in this modern world one mother has to sneak out at night to get the food and freedom she wants.

Wicked dark comedy shines a light on seeming out of date tradition that would seem to result in a deeper depression. I can’t imagine any mother I know willingly staying in bed for a month. They would probably slug anyone, including their own mothers who tried to keep them locked up.

The film itself is very funny. It walks that fine line between being funny and being kind of sad and manages never to trip.  I laughed even as I was horrified at what was going on on screen.

This film is wonderful mix of funny and heady- forcing us to consider if some of  our traditions are that helpful after all.


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