Monday, June 20, 2022

Broadway Rising (2022) Tribeca 2022


One of my MUST sees of Tribeca 2022 was one of the biggest disappointments.

The film is a look at the Covid Crisis as it effected Broadway. Its a film that shows the effect of the shut down for everyone from the ushers, the stage mangers to the actors and the money men. Its a film that goes from day one on through the reopening.

Sadly this film is really dull. A by the numbers retelling there is no life anywhere in the film. It's so bland that it makes the great Patti Lupone seem genuinely disingenuous. I mean it feels like she was trotted out because they put a gun to her head.

I'm a Broadway nut and this film put me to sleep. I simply didn't care, partly because several of the stories or ones like them have been told before, but mostly because the whole thing feels dead. There is no life here. It all feels like we are distant from everyone instead of being there with everyone...even when we are in the room where things happen. I kept waiting to connect but I never did.

Frankly this isn't a documentary but one of those big fake public service announcements that we see on TV stretched to 100 minutes.

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