Monday, June 20, 2022

WE (2021) starts at MOMA June 22

WE is a portrait of the people who live along the RER B commuter rail line that crosses Paris by director by Alice Diop.

WE is an amazing film. Its one of those magnificent films that you want to see rather than read about. I say that because I read the write up on the New Directors New films website and I thought I had a handle on it. Then I put on the film and I fell into it.  At first I was a little confused because I thought the film was going to be tied to the rail line, and it is, sort of of, but it's really about people. Some are well off, some are not. Some are white. Some are black. Some are immigrants, Some are not. All of them are people we get to know and connect to. 

And while they connect to us they connect to each other. I was a good way in when suddenly the film became something more. Suddenly I saw what Diop was doing, and how she was connecting all of the people on screen. Her small film about a bunch of people became something greater about all of us.

I can't explain it, you just have to see it.

WE is playing MOMA starting Wednesday and is recommended.

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