Saturday, June 18, 2022

Liz Whittemore of Reel News Daily on CHERRY (2022) Tribeca 2022

Stunted adult Cherry discovers she’s pregnant and has 24 hours to decide whether or not to go through with an abortion. The film counts down the day one hour at a time while she encounters all the people in her life; bosses, coworkers, doctors, her boyfriend, and her family. Cherry is a master of bad decisions. Now, it’s time to grow up. 

Alex Trewhitt brings flighty and raw energy to the titular role. She’s comfortable in her skin, and the camera loves her. Her nonchalance compels you to invest in Cherry’s wellbeing, whether because you’re disappointed in her or because you relate. Trewhitt leans into Cherry’s flaws, embodying the coming-of-age spirit of the film.

The handheld camera work works perfectly for this anxiety-ridden, real-time storytelling. The momentum seems to lull about halfway in, particularly when Cherry arrives home. But, writer-director Sophie Galibert, who co-writes with Arthur Cohen, has a clear vision of the weight of such a decision. I would gladly see what she has up her sleeve next. If you put the film into personal context to realize where you were at 25, Cherry nails it with a messy authenticity. Did Cherry make me want to buy a new set of rollerskates at 42 years old? Absolutely. 

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