Sunday, July 10, 2016

In Brief: Lowlife Love (2015) Japan Cuts 2016

Tetsuo is a once promising director reduced to making quickie porno films for cash and running workshops where he harasses the cute students. When two new students show up with potential he sees a chance to get back into the big time

A bit low key and dead pan with a not particularly likable main character, LOWLIFE LOVE is a film you are either going to embrace warmly or turn off to as it unspools before you.

Sadly I was in the the second group and I found myself doodling in my note book while it was on. Its not that the cast is bad or its a badly made film, its just I really didn't like Tetsuo so watching him go through his paces didn't interest me. I suspect it maybe because I've run across a fee too many similar characters both in real life and on film and almost all of the cases my attitude has been to simply walk away.

It didn't work for me, but I know this is the sort of film that may work for you and if you like dead pan black humor give it a shot

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