Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The best and worst of the New York Asian Film Festival 2016

I had a great time at the New York Asian Film Festival this year. It was a great fun.

As much as I would love to do a wrap up I’ve found that the quick jump to Japan Cuts and Fantasia has eaten my brain and I’m already onto the next thing. I am hoping to get a full review of TENANTS DOWNSTAIRS together before weeks end- but that may end up stalled.

However before I move on to other things full time here’s the best and one worst of what we saw at the festival

The Best Performances of 2016
Youn Yuh-jung in BACCHUS LADY givesa killer performance. We need here to come to the US and rattle cages
Apinya Sakuljaroensuk in GRACE gave a star making performance despite the film just being torture porn
Feng Xiaogang in MR SIX is as good as anyone has ever been on film.

The Best Films of 2016
SEOUL STATION- aa rebirth of he scary zombie film
LAUNDRY MAN- great blending of genres
IF CATS DISAPPEARED FROM THE EARTH was not something I saw but every Unseen connected person who did loved it
FOURTH PLACE- one of the best drams of the year from anywhere. No one I know who saw it wasn’t blown away. Its way better than you think.
MY BODYGUARD-Sammo’s violent heartbreaker.
KIYAMACHI DAUMA- button pushing heartbreaker is the sort of film NYAFF needs to schedule more of. Not for pretty much anyone- for a select few its breath of fresh air
KEEPER OF DARKNESS- wonderful supernatural popcorn film. Who need Ghostbusters when we have Fatt?
TENANTS DOWNSTAIRS- button pushing film full of sex, violence and depravity. What a blast.

Hands down the worst film of the festival and one of the worst of the year was THE TAG-ALONG. This horror disaster makes no sense what so ever as it changes the rules of its world not just from scene to scene but moment to moment. Its literally making it up as it goes along so it never generates interest much less scares

And with that I'm largely done with the festival. A full review of TENANTS DOWN STAIRS is coming and I have to post some pictures- I have to do something with all of the ones I took. Beyond that its time to chill out and get ready for next year.

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