Friday, July 8, 2016

Gamera Obscura: Peter Gutierrez has a new regular column over at Screen Anarchy

Occasional Unseen Films contributor, sometime confessor, frequent dinner guest and all time great friend Peter Gutierrez has found a new regular gig over at Screen Anarchy. It's called Gamera Obscura — and you should be reading it.

Peter is one of the most insightful writers I know, and his recent drift away from regular film writing has been a big loss for all of us. You don't know it, but Peter's reviews transcended regular film criticism to become something more. Basically, Peter's brain isn't wired like everyone else's, so he doesn't like to do straight-on reviews. He's a guy who will start out talking on Alfred Hitchcock, and then finish about the architecture of a city. In the end, you learn something about both subjects. Peter makes you think about things you never consider. It's enlightening in the extreme.

Way back in the dark ages when Unseen Films was starting, Peter's writing was something that I and some of the other writers like Mondo were striving to emulate. We failed, but anyway.

Peter's review aren't really reviews; they are something greater, something more than just reviews. I know his desire to do more drove him away from regular film writing. It wasn't that he didn't want to write on film; he just didn't want to write about the latest bit of Hollywood fluff. He stepped away and only turned out an occasional piece.

I'm lucky enough to have the occasional dinner with Peter. He's told me that he wanted to get back into writing on film, but couldn't find the right fit. While he wasn't writing he still was making notes, because he still had things to say.

And then, recently, the stars aligned. Screen Anarchy decided to bring Peter back to the table as a regular...and there will be much rejoicing.

Peter's first column is up. You can can read it here. This piece on the latest PURGE film is super. For those of you who don't know Peter's work or haven't read it in a while, it's a taste of what he's about...and will get you jonesing for his next piece.

At this point all that's left to say is: Welcome Back Peter!

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