Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nightcap 7/3/16 Random bits and John Cleese

While we’re in the middle of crazy festival time there are a few random notes I wanted to pass along.
First and foremost as you look for the best coverage of the New York Asian Film Festival and the upcoming Japan Cuts outside of our own coverage at Unseen you should keep checking Mondo has set up his own base and he is putting his own spin on the films of the current festival season over there. His take on films such as IF THE CATS DISAPPEARED FROM THE WORLD is truly something special. Bookmark his site and check back often.
I know we’re in the middle of covering the New York Asian Film Festival which runs through next Saturday, but I wanted to let you know that our coverage of Japan Cuts is going to be starting on Friday. I’ll be doing a curtain raiser next weekend, but reviews will begin Friday when the NYAFF pre-festival screening reviews run out. I know it’s early, a week before Cuts starts next Thursday, however the PR people told me they wanted to start people talking as early as possible- so that’s what we are going to do.

We’ll have reviews of about three quarters of the films plus I’m hoping to have some other goodies-but that’s talk for next weekend.
As is our habit  for July we'll be heavily into NYAFF, Cuts and Fantasia for the next six weeks But look for our coverage of the fests to be supplemented with a few new releases including some reposts. There are a number of films we’ve seen over the last year and a half coming out for a regular release so I’ll be reposting my reviews so you don’t have to chase after them.
Don’t look for any coverage of this year’s New York Comic Con in October. Short of a miracle happening I will not be attending.

The short version is that unless I wanted to buy individual day tickets I’m not going. That’s all fine and good but the cost is over the three or four day passes. Because nothing is announced now, some four months out, I don’t know what days I would want to be there so blowing 200 bucks for three days I may or may not want to be there is crazy. Its opposite the middle of the New York Film Festival so odds are that’s where I’m going to be any way. And of course the Reed Pop people have made it so complicated with pre-registration it’s just a hassle.

Am I upset I’m not going- kind of, but the show is so huge and out of control now it’s an endurance test.

I know my minimal coverage last year kept me out but Unseen is a film site and the amount of film related material was small and I really didn’t want to wait for hours to cover one panel. I also know I have been openly critical of Reed Pop in years past so that may have played into it.

So basically unless things change I’m not going to the con.

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