Monday, June 14, 2021

Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story (2021) Tribeca 2021

LADY BOSS is a look at the life and times of writer Jackie Collins. Collins is best known for writing novels where the women are just as lusty and strong as the men. She is also the little sister of legendary actress Joan Collins.

Made up of interviews with friends and family, contemporary interviews and film as well as copious excerpts of her diaries, this is a loving portrait that makes clear that the subjects of her books came from the live she witnessed.  And based on the reaction of sister Joan and others, its clear that what she was writing was right on target.

I always liked Jackie Collins when I saw her on TV. She always seemed to be in charge and having a good time. I loved that she ruffled feathers and let people be a bit naughty. Seeing her in action was always a blast.

Sadly Lady Boss is quite as much fun as the woman herself. While never bad, and full of great stories, the film never manages to truly capture the spirit of the woman I saw on TV. Yes the crazy stories are there, but the sense of life that radiated off her is missing. This should be a film that is a live with the spirit of the woman at the center, but it’s not and the result is a film that is good but not unique. I was disappointed because I was hoping for something much less staid.

Good but this is going to be best for fans of Jackie Collins.

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