Sunday, January 9, 2022

The New York Jewish Film Festival runs January 12 to 25 so buy some tickets and take a few rides

The New York Jewish Film Festival presents a major problem for me every year, for reasons that you won’t expect.

Every year the NYJFF is the first festival Unseen covers and we are delighted because it’s full of great films. I mean every year several films end up on my best of the year list, so of course I look forward to seeing what goodies they are giving us to taste.  The problem is that because the fest is right after New Year they do screenings and send screeners before Christmas. This means that as I am winding down and playing catch up with the previous year NYJFF has me throwing aside the year we in to look ahead at what they are screening.  As a result I end up in battles with filmmakers and PR people who have sent me films for the year end wrap up.  

“You said you’re schedule was clear…”

“Yea well… NYJFF…”

“Its weeks away”

“But it has such great films…..”

I never see all the year end films because of NYJFF's killer selections.

And while I have been indulging for weeks, its now your time to see the goodies, NYJFF starts on Wednesday and you’re in for a treat.

And before you turn away the films they run are great whether you are Jewish or not so don’t you dare not see something. All the films I’ve seen so far have been great.

The festival is both in person and virtual so there is no excuse not see something. I should warn you that not all films are screening virtually and in person. Additionally not all of those screening virtually do so all the way through so you have to check the schedule. Some films only are available for one day or a couple of days. (Check here)

While I have liked everything I have seen so far there are a few I need to point out.

The late Ed Asner is Oscar worthy in TIGER WITHIN the tale of an old man and a runaway that transcends the genre to be something  truly amazing.

CINEMA SABAYA is a fantastic tale, based on the director’s own experience of women in a video production seminar. Again it may seem similar to other films but this truly is magic. Its great time with good people.

THE LOST FILM OF NUREMBERG is a winner about the film evidence used at the war crime trials.

WE WERE THE OTHERS is a magnificent look at the lifes of six gay men in Israel and the arcs of their lives. An early favrite film of the year

GROSSMAN is a bio of writer David Grossman that has haunted me for weeks as I ponder family, grief and life

And there is even more than that. Iam still wading through the films because there is so much to see.

Reviews will be starting tomorrow and dropping a couple of dys before the films screen at the fest.

Do yourself a favor and see something because you will likely be seeing films you will still be pondering next year.

For more details and tickets go here

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