Saturday, March 5, 2022

Fresh to Frightening - The Sharon Green Story (2022) SBIFF 2022

The title of this portrait of racing yacht photographer Sharon Green refers to a change in weather that sometimes occurs out on the ocean. We learn that as Green talks about shooting races and having the weather change.

This is a visually overpowering film full of great images and great video of the yachts at sea.  The images, most of them shot by Green, are going to make you want to go out and try racing yourself. The images are magnificent and I found myself wishing I had seen this on a truly huge cinema screen, I was blown away.

While I am waxing poetic about the iages, Greens own story isn't bad either. She was a young woman who fell into photgraphy and manages to carve out a hell of a career.

If you love sports docs, this film is a must.

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