Saturday, March 5, 2022

Short Films One NYICFF 2022

 I've been going to the New York International CHildren's Film Festival for over tw decades and this is one of the best collections of shorts they have ever put together-which is saying a great deal.

Here is brief word on the nine films that make up the collection

This is the story o a giant cat in a par and it's interactions with people.Its funny and magical and I loved it

Weakest film in the collection is abstract images dancing to a percusive soundtrack.

Children of non-bianry parents talk about life. 

I dn't have words to describe this film.Its a glorious celebration of life, of parenting and children. Told with cut out animation we listen as kids talk about their lives and how they can be who what they want to be.

I got nothing and it's sheer joy made me weepy in the best sort of way

Excellent story of a hard working battery. I can't explain it more because of how its told will be ruined by saying more.

The thesis project o a film student is finished by his family. Its the story of a ather and son turning a trip to bring mom lunch into a Lne Wolf and Cub adventure. If you are going to riff other films- do it as magically and wonderfully as this. This is pure delight

A young boy talks t his uncle, a space engineer, abut going to other planets. Again this is pure magic.

One of the best films of 2022. This is the story of a puppeteer having to tell his friend that he will be going away. This is as perfect a short as you are likely to see.

Deeply profound examination of life and death had me crying ugly. This would be the sort of conversation that Jim Henson might have had with Kermit or Carol Spinney with Oscar or Big Bird. The end of the film pretty much completely wrecked me and I was glad I sat alone in the back so no one culd hear me sobbing.

(Note to John and Bully- you can never see this)

A philosophical examination of life  is absolutely beautiful.

Three kids on a school bus try to sort out who their beloved busdriver should date so she can have a romantic trip to Paris. This is a glorious and perfect confection that most of the kids I over heard after the screening loved most. It is a perfect endng to the series.

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