Friday, June 11, 2021

Brief thoughts on All the Streets Are Silent (2020) Tribeca 2021


This is a look at how the skateboard community collided with the hip hop community and ended up changing the the world

Packed with tons of video from the day, endless music and a great selection of talking heads this film is everything you'd want to know about hip hop and skateboarding....or would be if it was better put together. 

Made with an assumption that you know who every one is, that you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the lay out of New York and are clued into some of the events is a film that is perfect for anyone like the filmmakers who has sense of things already. On the other hand if you are an outsider you are going to be very lost. Even if you kind of have a working knowledge of some of this, mostly you are going to feel like an outsider.

I was lost. I know some of this stuff and I felt lost since there didn't seem to be any internal context and things just jumped from thing to thing.

Frankly its clear that all the material is there for a kille documentary, it just needs a different director or editor to put it together.

A miss.

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