Saturday, June 5, 2021

Why you need to buy tickets to the 8th Fine Arts Film Festival at The Venice Institute of Contemporary Arts June 8-14, 2021 on Vimeo

Yes I know it conflicts with Tribeca but for slightly more than one film at Tribeca you can get over 100 at The Venice Institute of Contemporary Arts Fine Arts Festival. Yes for 25 bucks you get a 100 films. And based on past years they are all going to kick ass.

I know you're  wondering why I'm saying this- because the festival in past years was so mind bogglingly great that I myself bought an all access pass for the festival- despite the fact that I am covering Tribeca.  Yes despite covering one of the premiere festivals in the world here in New York- I am making time to cover a small festival in California because the films they program are really that good. Okay yes the films have an artistic bend but at the same time they are incredible.

No, I have not seen any of the films yet. Juri at VICA offered to set me up with some films, but I declined, not because I didn't want to see them but because by buying my own pass I can give the films and the festival their proper due and not feel rushed.

Do yourself a favor an buy an all access pass- and then hunt and peck through the selections. Trust me it will be one of the best uses of 25 bucks ever.

For information on their full slate and tickets go here.

You won't be disappointed

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