Friday, June 10, 2022

Ariela Rubin on TAHARA

Tahara is a movie about two best friends, Carrie and Hannah (played by Rachel Sennott, who people might recognize from the movie Shiva Baby). The movie takes place at a classmate's funeral. They whisper and write notes throughout the funeral. Hannah gossips about other girls and talks about what boys she wants to kiss. She also complains about how boring the day is. At some point, Hannah wonders to Carrie if she's a good kisser so she asks her if they can kiss and if she can let her know if she's any good. We can immediately see that Carrie is into her, but Hannah is oblivious, and so begins a complicated story.

I didn't find this movie enjoyable at all. I found Hannah's character so incredibly unlikable. It's labeled as a dark comedy, so it might just not be my kind of humor, but I didn't find it amusing at all. It was painful to watch. The only good thing was that it was relatively short, at only 78 mins. I wish more movies were this length, but in this case, it's definitely one I recommend skipping. 

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