Wednesday, June 15, 2022

ArielaI Rubin on BODY PARTS (2022) Tribeca 2022


Body parts is a documentary that examines sex scenes and nudity in films from a female point of view. This film consists of interviews with a varied group of people from queer and trans people, to the disabled, to people of color, as well as many familiar faces such as Jane Fonda, Roseanna Arquette, and Rose McGowan. It also consists of many film clips.  

Body Parts explains how for the majority of people sex scenes in movies are their education into sex. It explains the toll it takes on both viewers and women involved in these scenes.  One thing that's mentioned is that for actresses once you're nude in a film that "your body no longer belongs to you".  This is more true than ever now with the rise of social media. Many mentioned how they had to kind of blackout to get through a scene. That really hits you. For others, if they refuse to do a nude scene, they can lose their job. The doc also tells a few of the stories of the brave women who have come forward with sexual harassment on set. 

Body Parts also shows how the portrayal of women in movies has changed so much from the 1930s to the present day.  

One thing I found fascinating that I was unaware of, was learning about body doubles. That many films use body doubles, but these women are never acknowledged. 

While at times the doc made you feel bleak. Jane Fonda talks about how when she started there was maybe one female on set, and how now on Grace and Frankie, for instance, it's almost a fully female crew.  Other changes on sets are occurring as well to help women feel safer and more empowered by hiring "intimacy coordinators". 

This film sort of jumps around a lot, but it kept my attention.  It took 5 years to make! I definitely think it's a very important film to see and worth watching.  

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