Friday, June 10, 2022

HALFTIME (2022) Tribeca 2022

This self serving puff piece is going to play best for Jennifer Lopez and her fans, all others will be quick to tune out.  

The film is a look at J-Lo's career leading up to her performance at the Super Bowl. As J-Lo tells us about her life we see clips  of her performances in films and TV.

The problem with the film is we get no sense of J-lo as anything other than being an uber rich woman.  Tales of her poor childhood are mentioned fleetingly and seen via a picture or two while we spend endless time watching her wander around her mansion and do things that only rich people do.  I'm not complaining, she earned every dollar, but while she wants to portray herself as Jenny from the block its clear from the outset that fame and fortune are what matter to her. There is no substance to anything she says because we are never let in. Honestly a brief People Magazine story has more details than this 90 minute self indulgent film. 

For J-lo only.

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