Friday, June 10, 2022

We Might As Well Be Dead (2022) Tribeca 2022

At an exclusive community may people would kill to get into the life of a security guard begins to slide. First her daughter locks herself in the bathroom and refuses to leave. The, as one resident’s dog goes missing  things and he breaks the rules about being drunken in public, the residents behavior begins to get strange.

Off kilter social satire is both amusing and kinda frightening as we watch as the residents become more cultish echoing the various communities both online and off that are forming all over the place. We clearly can see how the healthy mindset goes out the window for other thinking. I kept laughing and wondering why since it’s not that funny if you think about it since it all has dark overtones.

While I really liked this film a great deal I’m not going to pretend this film is for all audiences, satire is in the words of George S Kaufman, what closes on Saturday night. If you like satire or off kilter humor this is a must.

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