Monday, June 6, 2022

VICA, DANCES WITH FILMS and OPEN ROADS all start this week

I know this week the focus at Unseen Films is going to be on Tribeca however there are three other festivals happening at the same time and they are all worth your time.


Film at Lincoln Center is hosting the annual Open Roads look at recent Italian films. 

This is one of my favorite film fests every year because it always shows me some really cool films. Running the complete gamut of films genres this film always surprises us. As this posts I've seen about half a dozen of the titles and I've pretty much liked them all. 

While reviews will be coming, if you want to see something special I highly recommend THE CODE OF SILENCE (see the picture above) a film about a search for truth and revenge.

Details can be found here

(FYI there is no online component so you will have to go in person)


I discovered Dances with Films a bunch of years ago when I was sent films from a number of filmmakers who told me their films were at the festival. I investigated it and fell madly in love.

Based in LA and showcasing every type of film under the sun the festival shows well over 250 films every year making it nigh impossible to see everything- though I know it would be fun to  try.

If you love off Hollywood films this is the fest for you. The level of creativity is amazing. While I have not seen a lot of films from this year's fest as this posts what I've seen has amazed me with their insistence at not taking the road well traveled.

While not well known in some cinema circles it is a festival programmed to near perfection as I've seen.

If you are in Los Angeles this is a must.

Details can be found here.


In 2020 as we went into lockdown I was asked to cover the Venice Institute of Contemporary Art's (VICA)Fine Art Film Festival.  My jaw  dropped because this mix of art films and films about art blew me away. I had not seen anything like this before.

I dove into the films with abandon and was delighted beyond words.

Last year despite the festival ended up colliding with Tribeca I ended up buying a full virtual pass and spent my off hours from that fest watching the treasures from this one. (And no I never wrote them up because the films were for me- I mean I have to be able to just watch and enjoy films for myself now and again)

This year the festival is going to crash into Tribeca again- and guess what I am going to be doing to relax- watching films virtually from VICA.

As this posts I have seen none of the films. I have limited notions of whats playing- but I don't care, they program such great stuff that it doesn't matter, I'll try everything.

While the festival is in person and if you can get to VICA  I highly recommend you go. 

On the other hand if you can't get to the theater stay home and watch the fest at home. While you can buy blocks of films for ten bucks or buy it all for twenty five. (Its thirty five to buy access to everything on line and in person) Also if you buy the All Access you get access for the whole festival so you have 10 days to watch it all.

For more information for in person or virtual options or to buy an All Access Pass like me go here.

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