Sunday, November 15, 2020

BIG VS SMALL (2020) DOC NYC 2020

This is a portrait of surfer Joana Andrade. Wanting to surf at Nazaré, Portugal, a place of huge waves and great danger she realizes that she needs some additional training and sets out to get it in order to be able to conquer the giants.   

While Andrade is a clearly someone you'll want to ge to know the real reason that you'll want to see this film is the kick ass surfing photography  Containing some of the most incredible surfing footage I've ever seen, BIG VS SMALL has images that will over power you. I am so unhappy that DOC NYC is virtual this year since this is a film that demands to be seen on as huge (not just big but huge) a screen as possible. I was in awe. 

Recommended to anyone who want to see a good sports bio, this is a must of you have a super sized TV.

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