Saturday, November 28, 2020

Brief thoughts on Sweet Parents (2017) which is out on VOD


Will and Gabby have been together and in New York for a decade. They can't seem to get ahead. He is stuck in the kitchens he works in and can't get enough to open his own place, while she is stalled in the art world. When out with friends one suggests that they take up with a sugar daddy and a sugar mama. This sounds like the answer to their troubles but complications arise since everything has a cost.

This is a good heartfelt film, It has solid performances by David Bly and Leah Rudick which suck us in and carry us along. We like them and we can feel their pain and confusion. Their performances have a lived in quality that make me wonder how much of this they have lived. 

Filmed in and around New York the film feels like it's set in real locations. While there are times where I might have quibbled with how something was shot, things looked overly cramped, I forgave it because having lived in New York all my life I know choices were made based on working in tiny locations.

I really liked SWEET PARENTS a great deal. For me it was a nice change from all of the documentaries that have been crossing my desk. 

Worth a look.

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