Saturday, November 14, 2020

Brief thoughts on THE LETTER (2020) DOC NYC 2020

 Kenya's Oscar submission is an excellent look at the trend in Kenya for young people to kill older relatives in order to take their land. They claim they are witches and will say the murders are the result of trying to protect themselves. Focusing on 94-year old Margaret Kamango, the film follows as her family fragments  and some use their religion in the hope of driving her out.

As moving as the story is the real joy of this film, and the reason you will want to see the film is Kamango herself and her clan. They are really good people and you really want to spend time with them. You also  really want them to come out okay on the other side.

I loved this film. I love that the film tells us a story that that needs to be told and tells us by having us meet some wonderful people. I don't know what to say beyond that other than this is one of my favorite DOC NYC films and you need to see it.

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