Wednesday, November 18, 2020


This is a look at musician Ronnie Scott and his legendary jazz club in London. It was and is the place to see anyone who was anyone, with the club playing host to the greats of jazz and other types of music.

Very good look at one man and his club. It is a film full of great stories and great music and is must for jazz fans as well as anyone who likes a good tale.

If I were to quibble it is simply that the film's low key presentation makes the film feel a little too long. However it is far from a real problem because the music and stories just keep coming.

A look at the environmental protection bureau of Langfang, which is outside of Beijing. TH struggle to fight the smog that has enveloped the country.

Interesting but much too low key look at an important subject, that is endangering China and ultimately  the rest of the rest of the country.  I watched, but I never was full engaged

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