Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Bird Island (2020) Art of the Real 2020


Bird Island is not a film for everyone/ Essentially a narrative about the strange goings on at a bird sanctuary in Switzerland it is performed by people at a bird sanctuary. It is quiet and contemplative as the damaged people take care of damaged birds and get them ready for release back into the world.

Quiet and gentle, the film doesn’t explain much outside of the care of the birds. We get hints of avaian trouble beyond the sanctuary and with in the lives of the keepers but nothing is spelled out. Much of the sound we hear are simply the sound of the birds . Yes there is some dialog and a voice over but this is in many ways more like a mediation. That means this is either going to excite you to no end or put you to sleep.

Personally I was kind of torn. I loved what I was seeing I was into the obtuse nature of some of it, but the slow quiet nature of the film had me nodding off. I just drifted off and stared like one of the birds who forgot their past life.

If that sounds great to you go for it. All others are probably best looking elsewhere

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