Sunday, November 15, 2020

CRUTCH (2020) DOC NYC 2020

CRUTCH surprised me. This portrait of dancer Bill Shannon, who has a degenerative hip disease and moves along via crutches is a wonderful portrait of a man following his heart to do wondrous things.

Diagnosed at an early age with Avascular necrosis, Shannon's parents fought to keep him mainstreamed. He took the slings and arrows of the kids not understanding what was wrong with him and simply went on to do things he loved such as dance. Turning his use of a crutch to his advantage, he gained notoriety partly because he was an “handicapped person dancing, but also because what he was doing was magical and unique by any standards. How unique? Cirque du Soleil, the Sydney Opera House and various museums and erformance spaces hired him to put pieces together for them.

I could use the cliché that this film is inspiring but I won’t. Rather I will simply say that the film show cases a really cool artist who is doing things no one else is.


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