Tuesday, November 17, 2020


A look at the changing nature of parenting and being a child. It examines the old ways of child rearing where kids were let out to play after school and contrasts it with the modern era of helicoptering parents who regulate every moment of their children’s day.

An intriguing and thought provoking film forces us to wonder what the future holds when many parents are so controlling of their kids lives. What happens when you push kids and don’t let them play and explore on their own? As someone who has watched friends overly regulate their children’s lives I’m glad that someone has taken a serious look at where we are headed and what it all means. I say this because the helicopter parents I know have become bewildered at their children’s inability to do anything for themselves since the parents spent so much time telling them what to do. It is damaging to the kids as well as society in general.

A needed look at a subject that is effecting our future. Recommended

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