Friday, November 13, 2020

Strider (2020) St Louis Film Festival

A down on her luck coach stumbles upon a young woman with a great deal of talent and talks her into running in an upcoming competition.

No, you have not heard this story before. Yes it is like other sports stories but this one goes into wonderful and unexpected ways and doesn't end where or how you might expect it to at the start.  You might think this film is going to go a certain way at the start but I assure you that by the time the film ends it will have veered off the well traveled path and gone down a completely new route.

All hail writer director Mark Lewis for giving us a glorious little gem. Not only did he refuse to give us something we've seen before he has also written some really kick ass dialog. Watching the film I kept trying to decide which exchange to include in the review. I finally said to hell with it and decided to just tell you to see the film yourself.

STRIDER is highly recommended. Not only is it a really good film on it's own terms it is the rarest of independent films, one that has it's own point of view and insists on being it's own thing and not following the crowd.

For details on how to see STRIDER before the 22nd go to the St Louis Film Festival website here.

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