Sunday, November 29, 2020

Chain Film Festival starts Thursday

I love the Chain Film Festival. I stumbled on it last year and almost instantly fell in love with it. It was showing a combination of good films I had covered elsewhere and new films that I would fall in love with and would haunt me to years end. 

This year, like most other festivals, Chain was pushed back and made a virtual festival by Covid.  In some cases that would be a bad thing but in the case of Chain its great thing because now everyone all over the globe can discover the wonders of the festival. They have all sorts of great things playing so pick some films and buy some tickets (Details here)

While I am am still working on all the films I requested I wanted to point out a few films you might like.

ALASKA LONG HUNTERS- A bush pilot tells some wonderful stories about surviving in Alaska

ARE YOU THERE ANDY - one woman thinks she may have found Andy Kaufman. It's a great bio of Kaufman and the director.

IN WANT OF A MASK- The Hong Kong government offered free masks to the elderly and thousands showed up. This film will piss you off.

THE LAST CYCLIST- Heartbreaking recreation of a comedy that was written and performed in a concentration camp. Its funny and chilling.

ON THE BRUHL-portrait of a community center in the heartland of Germany's Neo Nazi's that welcomes everyone. If it wasn't Germany I would have found my new pastor

Coverage begins on the first and runs into the festival. I will be reviewing some features and some shorts. The shorts, as is the norm for the last few festivals, will be grouped more or less to how I saw them not to blocks.

Now go look over the film list and buy some tickets.

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