Tuesday, November 24, 2020

I don't like The Indestructible Man

Lon Chaney plays a killer who is killed at the stat and then brought back from the dead by a mad scientist. He dispatches the scientist and then heads off on a trail of revenge as an unstoppable killing machine- the resurrection process making him unkillable.

Similar in many ways to MAN MADE MONSTER about an man super charged with electricity, made a decade or so earlier this film has many fans who love its insanity. To them it is a good bad film and some would even argue it it a classic with no sarcasm whats so ever. They have argued that this is a misunderstood film and much better than its reputation.

I on the other hand really dislike the film. Its not so much that we've been here before, more that there is way too much BS there are all sorts of sub plots that fill the run time with endless talking. I don't care. I never did  and despite arguments that the dialog serves a purpose I don't see it- I ust want Chaney going out and killing and being hunted. I mean they got it right in MAN MADE MONSTER and they didn't need a voice over to fill in the blanks.

Frankly this is a long painful hour and I can't recommend it.

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