Saturday, June 11, 2022

And I miss You Like a Little Kid (2022) Dances With Films 2022

Bi-sexual Jason falls into a relationship with the older Clarissa just as covid hits.  He is thrilled with the way she makes him feel and the quickly decide to move in together. However things turn dark as Clarissa becomes controlling and abusive. Jason isn't certain how to handle things and desperately wants to leave. However there is genuine feeling there which makes everything complicated.

While I am still sorting out my feelings for this film I want to  seriously recommend this film to everyone who is interested in an atypical drama well done. I absolutely love that this film spins things in a different way. This is not a film I really saw coming in it's narrative plotting and as a result it made me sit up and take notice. I also loved that the film doesn't give us easy answers to everything. We have to really consider what is going on.

To be certain the film isn't perfect. Some bits play better than others, there is enough good here to recommend it for anyone tired of the run of the mill or just a solid little film. 

It is the work of a great filmmaker and the perfect antidote to Hollywood sameness.

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