Sunday, June 5, 2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Soulless money suck from Marvel Studios exists to please the fans and take their money and little else.

The plot has Dr Strange helping AMerica Chavez, a young woman who can cross the multiverse avoid Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, who wants to use her powers to find a place in the multiverse where she can be reunited with her children (you'll have to see the TV series WANDAVISON)

Playing like a random issue in a massive Marvel Comics cross over event,  where you have no idea what is going on if you haven't been reading every issue in the event and every series connected to it. I have not seen any of the TV series and several of the recent films with the result that I was at sea. Actually not so much at sea but feeling like there is no emotional connection since I haven't made the journey with the characters in all the things I've missed.

Honestly this is the point where the Marvel studios output completely slides off the table. This is the point where you either have to go watch everything they are doing or feel lost. Its the point where the films truly have stopped telling compelling films (or even pretending to). Actually, I'm not lost so much as bored. This aren't films with stories any more they are loosely connected moments that exist just for fan service (come on the vast majority of characters in the film don't need to be here since the do nothing but show up and then die)

There isn't a plot line, its just a bunch of dots that look like a line.

Worse there are no characters,  just cut outs. For example we know nothing about America Chavez- the focus of the film.  Who is she? What is she? We don't know. They do nothing with her and use her only as a prop. Every character is a prop and nothing more. How can you connect to anyone when no one is given anything to do other than run around or fight? 

I hate this film. I hate it not because its bad, I mean its not, it has moments, but because the reality is in full force that the Marvel series its just a cash grab by Disney. Its a film where they gave us a couple of twigs and sticks and told us it was a full meal and the fans have eaten it up.

I'm officially done with Marvel

This is a film for Marvel  Movie Zombies and no one else.

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