Sunday, November 1, 2020

Age of the Living Dead (2018-) BITS 2020

 In the future the US is divided into two parts. The East Coast is controlled by vampire. The West Coast is controlled by regular humans who ready for war. Into the human area comes a young woman who may be the key to ending the vampires rule.

It's hard to tell how a series is based on a single episode (the series has 3 seasons and 18 episodes according to IMDB) especially a first one which is all set up. While there are some  narrative motion, much of the episode running at Blood in the Snow is concerned with setting the table.

To be honest I'm interested enough to try another episode or two on Amazon, which to be perfectly honest is just about the most honest thing I can say about the show.

If you want to try the series you can watch it tonight at Blood in The Snow's streaming festival where it is screening with several other web based series.

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