Friday, November 6, 2020

Come True (2020) Blood in the Snow 2020


A young woman with trouble sleeping signs up for a sleep study. Things are fine for a while, then things get weird.

There is much to like with COME TRUE. The performances are good, the dream images are great. The story keeps you hooked. This is a solid little thriller that drags you along and creates a ton of shivers. Frankly outside of way too many references to George Romero there really isn't much to complain about...

...except that this is a film where I really want to talk about the whole film and I really can't because this is a movie where things happen and if I say too much you'll know way too early what is going on. I'm not being funny here, since a number of the reviews I read revealed too much.  I looked for the reviews so I could see how people handled what I don't want to reveal.

Yea I know I just said too much.... but that's okay because you're just going to go buy a ticket and watch this before anyone says anything.

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