Monday, November 9, 2020

The excellent Coded Bias hits virtual Theaters Wednesday

This is a repost of our Human Rights Watch Film Festival review from earlier this year

Intriguing look at the use of AI and facial recognition technology in the world. It also focuses on how the algorithms that drive the technology tend to skewed in such away that it doesn't always register non-white males as humans as well other highlighting other problems.

Eye opening look at heralded technologies that may more problems than anyone is letting on. This is one of those films where things become heavier and heavier as you go on as you begin to slowly realize what the problems with the software means on all sorts of levels such as is identification can put the wrong person in jail. If youve ever had doubts about AI and facial technology this film will make you even ore paranoid. Hopefully it will spark a debate about how we can and should use it.

This is a stunning film that I've been thinking about since I first saw it and one I am looking forward to seeing again

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