Tuesday, November 10, 2020

143 Sahara Street (2020) Art of the Real


A you are there portrait of a coffee shop in the middle of the desert with a single table and only serving coffee and omelettes. It is run by Malika, a woman who talks to everyone who stops by. The discussions include religion, politics, life and the future since someone is building a gas station down the road which may change Malika's life.

It takes a while but eventually one falls into the slow pace of 143 SAHARA STREET. It's the cinematic equivalent of hanging out at some little backwater hole in the wall and watching everyone come and go, though this time we are invited to actually to listen in on their conversations. Listening to the largely uninterrupted long stretches of talk gives us a better idea of who all these people are and who Malika is. I was entranced as I powered down and slowed my pace.

While I really liked this film a great deal I am not going to go out on my limb and recommend it to everyone. You need to be willing to go with the film and it's slow pace.If you are I think you are going to discover a wonderful world you never knew before

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