Friday, November 12, 2021

BURNING (2021) DOC NYC 2021

 BURNING is a look at how climate change is affecting Australia through the brush fires, specifically the 2019-2020 Black Summer.

This is a very good look how climate change is ravaging the world. It beautifully lays out what is happening and why. There is also this great section where one person talks about how his father taught him the signs in nature and how  those signs are now portending something horrible.  It's a film that ill make you stop and consider what is happening to the world.

Okay, full disclosure: I really like this film a great deal I can't fully review the film past this point. It's not because it's bad but because I have been watching a number of films on climate change an on the fires that is being caused by it. The trouble is  that a lot of the material is very similar and while I can focus on the bits that are different I am also banging around and comparing this film, unfairly, to others.

That said if the subject interests you I highly recommend this film.

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