Sunday, November 14, 2021



This is a damning portrait of the state of health care in the United States. Framed as a look at a group pf people fighting the system in Pittsburgh the film clearly shows that the days of the friendly family doctor and the community hospital that really cared for the community are gone. Using the stories of several patients and their families who are struggling to get the care to keep themselves alive  the film makes it clear that the system isn’t set up to help anyone, rather it’s just a means of feeding the beast and keeping the monster going.

For anyone who has had any dealing with the medical industry, its no longer a profession, there is not a lot new here , however the film scores major points by keeping the whole story human and putting all the arguments to fix the system into one place.


Portrait of two rival hockey program programs in Minnesota. The film looks at the young men who are hoping to use the program as leaping off point for college and perhps a career in either the NHL or AHL.

This is a good look at the boys and men who make hockey their lives. It’s a film filled with great people and a real sense of the hockey life. I have a brother who for a long time was very into hockey and this film gets the small details right. There is a real sense of the hockey life as it's lived. I could smell the rinks and locker rooms in which  my brother spent his youth.

While the film doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it stays very close to the typical sports documentary formula, it does entertain and inform us about a culture that most of us, at least in the US or not in sports crazed families are now aware of.

Worth a look.

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