Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Feast (2021) opens Friday

A rich family prepares dinner with a local business man and farmer who are there in order to discuss the use of the land for a mine. However things go wrong thanks to the young woman who is serving the meal.

THE FEAST is a mannered artistic horror film with a point. It is beautifully composed and very deliberately put together. It is about more things rather than just the scares. This is a film about the society and environment, that is constructed in such away that you are very aware of the worlds the film is inhabiting Whether this clicks with you will depend upon your cinematic tastes toward very deliberate films.

THE FEAST often seems to play like some of the work of Lorcan Finnegan but with not so much of an emotional connection. Finnegan will create very well drawn worlds and keep things very measured. He makes us aware of the divide  the worlds of man and the world of nature and he breaks us by revealing time and again that we are not as in control as we think. Finnegan's strength is that he he can be deliberate but yet keep us connected, we are aware that for the grace of god we could be in that circumstance. Unfortunately the creators of the THE FEAST never keep us connected. everything is alien to us. The rich are not like us and the others seem not to be like anyone we know. As with many of the shots looking into the modern country home I always felt outside of the action.

Despite not liking the disconnectedness of the telling, the real disappointment for me was the plot itself. Basically there isn't anything surprising about it. Much too early on, indeed even from the plot synopsis given us, we can sort out where this is going to go. For me I was writing the film to or three scenes ahead of the action and there was a point when I kind of debated turning it off, only staying to see how the ending finally went down.

While not bad its a film that I think is only going to appeal to the art house crowd

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