Friday, November 26, 2021

Films like Terf Wars (2021) are useless trash (or how to spot Thanksgiving tukeys)

This is a no win situation. Talking about this piece of crap is going to get me brickbats thrown my way because I’m bringing it into the light. However at the same time some one should be pointing out how TERF WARS and similar pieces of poo are being churned out by people who think they can simply string nonsense together to win their argument. As much as I want the film to die a miserable death unseen and unloved, I do feel someone needs to call  bullshit. Its bullshit because films like Terf War aren’t really documentaries, they are collections of clips. It’s the cinematic equivalent of sitting next to someone hateful person in an airport and having to listen to all the random YouTube videos they are playing while they spew their hate to some unfortunate soul on the other end of a phone call.

This "look" at how some people say trans women are not women is not only a misguided and hate filled diatribe but it also is a prime example of the blender filmmaking that some pundits and alleged filmmakers are putting together and calling them fact filled exposes. These sort of films don't have any facts in them they are just opinion and supposition pretending to be fact.  They aren’t really documentaries rather they are badly argued position papers that don’t prove a point. They are a collection of clips woven together in such a way that they seem to take a position on something, but really don’t. Yes they show a position but like a sign on a sheet of paper  painted in water color it all falls apart at the first sign of rain. 

Terf War’s clips, like all films of this sort, are just random bits. We don’t know where any of them come from. Any and all statements are given the same weight regardless of what they are or where they come from.  A  line from a nobody on the internet carries the same weight as a comedian’s joke as does an expert on a TV show simply because they show some talking head saying something they agree with. The fact they are on TV or the internet carries the maxium weight to these alleged filmmakers because they clearly have some credential to be on "TV".

This is severe problem in todays biased media where conspiracy nuts cobble together random pieces of things to make their point sound spectacular. So many of the 911 and Sandy Hook hood documentaries do exactly this. They pull one stray piece from a news report or an online report and use it to fashion a leg of their argument. It all sounds good except that nine times out of ten when you check the source of the clips  you find that the context is completely different in the source then in the film quoting it. For example in IN PLANE SIGHT they use a clip from another documentary to say that no plane hit the Pentagon, except the quoted film says one did. In the case of Sandy Hook report from one news organization in one location discounts other news reports. In all these cases a random report from a caller from a news event is gospel truth, even if reporting and video may latr contradict it. 

In the case of Terf Wars the film is supposed to be in support of JK Rowling and her “anti” trans views but it doesn’t really deal with what Rowling said. The film begins and ends with the film saying Rowling said trans women are not women, but it never goes beyond that into the convoluted mess of her other statements. They only focus on what they want to focus on. This is not defense of Rowling, only a statement to point out that these sort  of filmmakers cut and paste what they want even if they have to ignore the point they are trying to prove.

Like other films of this type they  don’t deal in facts. There is only misguided statements that are based on personal feelings. The director of Terf seems to think that the whole trans agenda is for men to put on a dress simply so they can go into a women’s room and rape our mothers, daughters and sisters. There is no evidence of this, or any of the other charges the filmmakers make but they will trot out random heresay statements from across the net to prove it.  The idea is that if we present enough people saying something we want to be true we will will it into existence. Of course it never will happen.

This is the same sort of nonsense that keeps the Trump is still president lie alive. Trump knows if he keeps repeating it not only will he believe it, but so will all the stupid people around him will too. The idea is that if they repeat it enough that people will even discount the facts when presented to them. Dinesh D'Souza, a man churning out documentary after documentary with a right wing agenda does this in all his films.

What kills me is that these sort of films survive because people think that if you make a film or you write a book, you have some insight that is right. Its as if the perseverance to get a film or book done means you are correct.  How often have you spoken to someone who said they believe something because they saw a film once. I’ve seen thousands of films but I don’t believe all of them.  It’s actually worse now since people see films on Discovery and History on Bigfoot or ghosts or whatever and they think its all real. I mean why is it on TV if it wasn’t true?

But almost nothing in Terf Wars or similar films is true. But people believe them  and base their lives on the delusions of unwell people.

If you should ever see a film that is a collection of rapid fire clips, or cut up from listed or questionable or unlisted sources turn it off, or even better yet never turn it on.

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