Sunday, November 14, 2021


This is a portrait of Earl “DMX” Simmons in the final year or so of his life. The film picks up as he is released from prison and tries to  reconnect with his family and fans.

This is a very good portrait of a man who I only really knew from his stage and movie performances. Here we get a largely warts and all portrait of a man just trying to do what he does and connect to everyone around him. It is a very good, if somewhat by the numbers film that will work best for his fans.

That said the end of the film absolutely hit me like a ton of bricks with several bittersweet sequences that have haunted me in the several weeks since I saw it. One is DMX talking to a friends about how they made it and survived when so many around him had died. I had thought it was the perfect ending until the film chopped my legs out with a final scene at a Halloween party.


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