Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Frederick Wiseman like portrait of a teacher in Germany who teaches immigrant children and makes them feel loved and part of the community.

This is an excellent film that is highly recommended for those who like films that play out at the speed of life. I say that because this film is shot in long takes where we watch Bachmann and his students interact during the days in classroom.  There are no cut aways and no rapid fire editing just life unfolding. The result is a film where we fall into it and bond with everyone on screen.

I really liked this film a great deal. I like the people in it. I loved Bachmann who is so good I wish I could have had him when I was in school.

A word of warning this is a long film. I started the film much too late at night and had to break it's almost four hour run time into two parts.  When I started the film I was not aware of how long it was and had to stop  when the late night viewing went way too late on a school night. Its a great flm but you should try and see it in one go.

If I have any quibble with the film its  the length because I know my trips returning to the film will be less frequent than I would like because I need to devote four hours to sit to watch the film. And while I suspect some people will be unhappy I say that, I know other people will understand it is a reflection of how much I loved the film since it means I can't visit a good friend as often as I would like.


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