Wednesday, November 24, 2021

WRITING WITH FIRE has hit theaters

 This is the story of the a group of Dahlit women, a caste considered the lowest of the low,  who started their own newspaper. The film picks up as they begin to put coverage up on You Tube and their work is getting more and more attention. They are bringing matters such as sexual violence and illegal mining to light and thus taking on the patriarchal society. Its a battle that they face  head on.

This is a good look at a bunch of women fighting the good fight and changing their world. I love that we get to know a good number of the women so that we can really understand what they are doing and what is at stake. Its a dangerous job especially consider that being a reporter in India is tough enough, never mind being one from a lower caste.

Recommended. One of the great discoveries of 2021.

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