Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Action USA (1989) hits virtual and actual theaters on Friday

Texas lensed action film is exactly the sort of crazy ass action film they don't make any more. This is a the sort of a film that used to fill the grindhouses and drive-ins of the American south. Its a balls to the wall popcorn film you absolutely have to see.

The plot has a young woman being protected by a couple of FBI agents after her boyfriend is killed by bad guys looking for some diamonds...and that is all you need to know. I mean this is a film that is pretty much non-stop action and the plot is simply the excuse to hang the action on. 

And what amazing action it is. It's crazy- so crazy I'm guessing they probably didn't have permits for everything- I mean would anyone have given them a safety permit for the helicopter bit at the start? Additionally watch the way that the stunt people react to things, say falling out of a window or a helicopter, it's not your typical perfect fall. It's almost like they didn't have any idea what they were doing- and it makes you wonder how no one died.

There is a rawness to it all. The action, the filmmaking, even the performances feel strangely real and alive, an alive that you get when things aren't polished. Yea William Smith and Cameron Mitchell wander through this, but at the same time the film is full of actors who are all over the place. Sure they can kick ass but they don't  always act so well. 

None of that matters because this has some of the best action sequences you are likely to see all year. More importantly the action is completely free of CGI- the crazy ass shit on screen really happened. And truthfully even if Covid hadn't pushed the computer aided action sequences into 2021 the action sequences here still would have been at the top of the heap for the year.

I loved this film. This is exactly the sort of film that I used to make copies of and hand off to friends and family who love action. I would press grainy VHS tapes into their hands and say "just see this- forget the plot the action is killer".

Consider a copy of the film pressed in your hand. 

This is a must see. Go get popcorn and your favorite beverage and enjoy.

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