Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Bloodthirsty (2020) Blood in the Snow 2020

 This rare Blood in the Snow miss is about a young singer who travels with her girlfriend to the secluded home of a legendary producer to record a new album. She is haunted by the feeling that she is turning into a flesh eating monster.

More drama than horror the film never really finds it’s groove. Part of it is the bright lighting in all the scenes works against any sort of feeling of darkness.  The look of the film never made me feel I was watching a thriller. Admitted that is also the fault of the script which never really gets the balance of horror and drama right. To me this is a drama until we see some blood or flesh being rended (and even most of that is off screen) and then it is like it is  jumping up to say this is what the film is before sliding back down into the drama.

And sadly the cast never sells things enough that I was ever frightened or even remotely tense. Forgive me but even when the blood flows it looks more like they are playing drees up then frightened or in turning into a beast.

While not bad by ordinary standards Bloodthirsty is a lesser film when compared to the regular level of quality that Blood in The Snow programs.

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