Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Town Called Panic shorts- maybe at Fantasia 2014

When I originally checked the listing of titles at Fantasia there was listed a good number Town Called Panic shorts. When I went back to put this piece together the only one still listed was The Christmas Log which I reviewed back during the New York  International Children's Film Festival.

Since I watched the shorts and started the piece I figured even if they aren't running the films I'll run the piece because they are all laugh out loud funny and things you'll want to track down

Fox Hunt
Cowboy and Indian go Fox hunting.When Cowboy takes Indian's fox mayhem results.

Indian Treasure
Cowboy finds a treasure map under Indian's bed and decides to find the loot for himself

Something Cowboy turns him into a raging red Hulk like beast and other things.

Easy Chair
Huge crate arrives for Horse. Cowboy conspires to open it and see whats inside while Indian and Horse go off to find some eggs

Deranged little film, even by Town Called Panic standards has Horse bake a cake before bed, Indian and Cowboy attempt to get a piece during the night and what happens with a pissed off bear.Out there, really out there

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